Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goughs? 

Goughs is the trading name for the division of Gough Gough and Hamer that specialises in the sales and service of CAT equipment throughout New Zealand.

What is the relationship of Goughs to Gough Gough & Hamer Investment LTD? 

Goughs is a business unit of Gough Gough & Hamer Ltd., which itself is a wholly  owned subsidiary of Gough Gough & Hamer Investments Ltd. Other business units include ATS (Australian Tipping Systems), Gough Forklifts, Gough Engineering, Goughs Power Systems, Gough Finance, Goughs CAT Merchandise Store, Goughs Institute of Training, The CAT Rental Store, HDTE (Heavy Duty Transport Equipment - Australia), Transpecs (Transport Specialties Limited), TWL (Transport Wholesale Limited).

What are your hours of operation?

We're open standard business hours, however you can contact our call centre on 0800 93 39 39 for any out of hours inquiries.

Where is my local Gough Cat Dealer?

You can locate your local Gough Cat Dealer here: 

What are the delivery costs of a Cat machine?

Delivery costs are already factored into the costs of the machine and we'll arrange delivery with you.

What are the delivery times of a Cat machine from the dealer?

Delivery times are dependent on stock levels but usually 7-10 working days and depending on pre-inspection an build configuration. Delivery is New Zealand only.

Why does pricing of machines and attachments vary?

We import our machines and attachments internationally. Please note that all dollar values are in New Zealand Dollars and are subject to international currency market fluctuations 

Why do you ask for a $500 reservation fee?

Quite simply this is to reserve your new Cat machine in our stock system.

Is my $500 reservation fee refundable?

Yes. (Please refer to our Terms of Trade)

Where can I find your Terms of Trade?

Here, Gough Group Terms of Trade